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8 January, 2017 / Andrew Read

Rock and Roll would not exist without an accountant

The hallmarks of rock and roll music are the electric guitar and electric bass.  An accountant invented two of the most popular electric guitars and a very popular electric bass.

The first commercially successful solid-body electric guitar was the Fender Telecaster released in 1950.  Shortly afterwards, in 1954, Fender released the Stratocaster.  Between these two Fender released the Precision Bass in 1951.

The inventor of these instruments was Leo Fender.  Leo Fender was an accountant before he went into business making and repairing musical instruments.  Fender graduated as an accountant from Fullerton Junior College in California.  He worked as a bookkeeper and accountant for several years in southern California working for a variety of firms.  In 1938, Fender lost his job as an accountant and accounting’s loss was rock and roll’s gain.  He opened a business called Fender Radio Service making and repairing public address systems and amplifiers.  From there he began working on the early electric guitars until he released his own electric guitar in 1945.  Five years later he changed the world with the release of the Telecaster.

The following musicians are known for using Fender instruments:


Randy Bachman
Jeff Beck
Richie Blackmore
Eric Clapton
Dick Dale
The Edge
Dave Gilmour
George Harrison
Jimi Hendrix
Buddy Holly
Mark Knopfler
Bonnie Raitt
Robbie Robertson
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Ronnie Wood

Precision Bass

Donald “Duck” Dunn
Dee Dee Ramone
Roger Waters
John Paul Jones


Syd Barrett
Jeff Buckley
Steve Cropper
Bob Dylan
Jonny Greenwood
Chrissie Hynde
Muddy Waters
Jimmy Page
Rick Parfitt
Keith Richards
Francis Rossi
Joe Strummer


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